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Promote Your Business with Video

By May 4, 2010 November 7th, 2019 No Comments

I had the pleasure of working with one of St. Louis’ finest this past week, Captain Joseph Spiess, District One Commander of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Joe was referred to me by Phil Menendez, the face of the UstripeIt tool. Joe needed me to create an 8 to 9 minute video for his secondary business, JLS Consulting LLC, that could do the speaking for him when his only option was to leave material with a business owner or management for later review.

In one week’s time, I created their company logo, filmed the opening introduction, recorded the voiceover, and with 3 gigabytes of media given to me from the client, put together a video that, in my opinion, speaks WAY louder than words.

A professionally made video adds… well… professionalism to any website. If your company’s website could use a sprig of modern professionalism, shoot me an email!