Meet the team

Cat McMillan

Manager & Print Wrangler
(314) 832-3663 x110

As the co-manager of The Done Dept, Cat's responsible for keeping our shop functioning as efficiently as possible. She handles shop logistics, equipment maintenance, quoting, project management, and oversees a team of production/design associates to make sure your job gets done. She can design, coordinate print and pull together almost any creative project you can think of. Not sure where to start? Cat will answer any questions you may have and help lead you in the right direction.

// Areas of Specialty //
Pricing/Quoting - Highly Detailed Specialty Projects - Letterpress - Custom Books - Booklets - Weddings - Greeting Cards - Small Stuff

Greg Haupt

Owner & Manager

Greg passed away after a 2 year battle with cancer. I can't bring myself to remove his bio. He was our founder, our comic relief, our resident rock star, our lead "printing problem-solver." His spirit and ingenuity will be forever missed, and our lives will never be the same. Please click his photo to read more. - Cat

Greg is a printing mad-man. By that we mean, if you're in a crazy hurry for something, Greg is your guy. He has an 80.5" arm span, so he can handle your giant poster or sign job with ease. Greg's knowledge of software, file types, and technology is vast, so if you have any questions, he probably has the answers to them.

// Areas of Specialty //
Quick/Demanding Turnaround Jobs - Band Printing - Stickers - Large Printing (Posters, Canvases, Vinyl Banners) - Scanning Small Stuff, Big Stuff and Crazy Stuff - Business Cards - All Types of Small Business Printing in General (Envelopes, Letterhead, Marketing Materials)

Bridget Seeley

Designer & Maker
(314) 832-3663 x114

Bridget can do anything. She will quote and print your project with efficiency and quality! She can also help with design services and answer any questions you may have about anything print related!

// Areas of Specialty //
Printing - Design - Quotes - Detailed and Thorough - Being Very Sweet

Matt Bryan

Maker & Producer & Doer
(314) 832-3663 x114

Matt can read your emails, print your prints, make your artwork look good on a computer screen, tell you which Meshuggah album is best. you get the point. This guy means business. You've heard the saying, "Business up front, party in the". Matt is business up front and business in the back. If you need to photoshop someone out of a photo, this guy is the guy who you wanna email.

// Areas of Specialty //
Large Posters and Mounting Said Posters - Scanning Small Stuff, Big Stuff and Crazy Stuff - All General Print and Anything Production (Adhesive Mounting, Dry Mounting, Booklet Finishing, Laminating, NCR, Padding, Trimming)

Jocelyn Edwards

Designer & Maker
(314) 832-3663

Jocelyn can be found in all parts of the building, designing, printing, trimming, and making sure your orders are packaged and ready for pick up. When not printing up a tornado at the Done Dept., Jocelyn can be found painting murals, carving a giant T-Rex snout, gardening or trying to teach her chickens that cuddling is fun.

// Areas of Specialty //
Illustration - Design - Art Prints - All things finishing

Phoebe Santalla

Printshop Doer
(314) 832-3663 x115

Phoebe dabbles in a bit of everything offering support to help the rest of the staff get stuff done. Between cutting, scoring, folding, duplexing, and just generally finishing jobs she does a bit of design and print work as well. When she's not running support at The Done Dept., you can find her either working on illustrations or practicing her skate skills for Arch Rival Roller Derby.

// Areas of Specialty //
Print Production - Print Finishing - Customer Service - Design/Layout - Illustration


Delaney Jansen

Full Time Finisher & Doer
(314) 832-3663

As the full time job finisher, printed jobs run through Delaney on their way out the door. This includes stopping for details like scoring, folding, cutting, corner rounding, bookletizing, binding, duplexing, edge painting, and more. Really, anything related to the completion of your job is Delaney’s to handle. When she’s not moving around the shop working to complete your custom print orders, Delaney can be found making quilts, binding books, and sorting through paper scraps.

// Areas of Specialty //
Finishing - Packaging Orders - Printing Envelopes - Having an Amazing Memory - Custom Books

Mike Haupt

Arch/Engineering Printing Expert
(314) 832-3663 x100

The Done Dept. is one of only a few places in St. Louis that offers copying, printing and scanning of blueprints, though technology has changed so they are no longer actually blue. If that;s what you need, Mike is your guy. He knows his way around printing and binding CD and MEP sets like no other. And to top it all off, he can usually print right away! Unless he's out playing tennis or running a marathon!

// Areas of Specialty //
Architectural and Engineering Printing and Duplicating - Scanning to PDF - Color Line Drawings - Specification and Presentation Books - GBC Binding

Robbie Haupt

Delivery Driver & Arch/Engineering Printing
(314) 832-3663

Robbie makes deliveries almost all day long, but all he really wants to do is dance!

// Areas of Specialty //
Speedy Deliveries - Trimming - NCR Finishing and Padding - Mounting Posters - Architectural and Engineering Printing and Duplicating