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Are You in a Band?

By February 24, 2012 November 7th, 2019 No Comments

I am. It’s a cover band called Feel Good Inc. We rock. Anyway, I’ve been doing the music thing for a long time. Some bands fail. Some bands succeed. Do you want to succeed? Do this:

Set aside money from gigs to invest into printing to help promote future gigs. We can help you with your printing.

Here is what you should be printing (we do all these things):

– Cheap black and white 4.25  x 5.5 handbills, preferably on cheap colored paper. – – These are good for blanketing an area with… you get the point across with your crappy black and white design without breaking the bank.

– Super high quality glossy 4 x 6 postcards, preferably double-sided. – – These are what you use if you have some type of huge event that you really care about. These are going to impress the crap out of people. People will probably keep these after you hand them to them, instead of throwing them on the ground immediately after you’re out of sight. If you’re lucky, they’ll take them to their car and leave them for their friends to see every time they ride in it.

– Super big black and white posters. – – We’re talking like… 3 foot x 3 foot posters. Put them on a wall. Everyone will see. Limited to black print on regular white paper, these huge posters are nice because they don’t cost a lot. If you can think of a place to put them, they can be very beneficial to getting your name out, or the word out for your upcoming gig.

– 12 x 18 color posters. – – We do a ton of these for different promoters around the Saint Louis area. These are the standard. If you have a show coming up, and you don’t print out a handful of these to put up at your school, around your neighborhood, by the club, in the loop, or wherever, then you’re not doing a good job promoting your show. Give up now.

Another thing we do here is pimp out bass drum heads. Tell your drummer. It’s always cool to have your logo or name written on your bass drum. We can assist you with that.