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Photo Manipulation

By November 8, 2011 November 7th, 2019 No Comments

Ever had a photograph that you absolutely loved, except there was always something in the picture that bugged the heck out of you that you wish you could take out??! Well… bring it here to The Done Dept.  I can take it out for you. My grandmother doesn’t call me the Photo Manipulation Master for nothing. (She doesn’t really call me that.) (She does constantly remind me that she thinks I’m super talented though. Which is hard to take for serious, because sometimes it’s after I’ve showed her some crazy video that I made, and sometimes it’s after I’ve replaced the batteries in her kitchen clock.)

Below is a before and after of a picture that I fixed for a customer. They loved the picture, but it bothered them that the vinyl curtain in the background was slightly open and therefore, unsightly.



And then they wanted me to make some color edits for their framing purposes, so I did that too.