We are embracing a temporary “Printing Pause.”

Updated April 7 2020


• Now thru April 10: Limited operations & completion of current orders as best as we can. We will be in touch.

• April 13-April 24: No physical printing* but we are project managing and accepting orders, questions, quotes through our online form. Curbside pickups can still be arranged for completed orders.

• April 27 and on: Return to limited operations with reduced staff. Will adjust if needed.

• May 1 and on: Orders submitted during the pause will begin to be ready for pickup.

*This excludes our parent company Rotolite’s essential engineering print customers via Mike Haupt



It’s been a lot more quiet around here since mid-March, but some things have been trickling in for the past few weeks and we appreciate you for it. ♥ It gives us hope that even after we are on the other side of this very serious COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll still be there for our new normal, whatever it may be.

We know The Done Dept. is part of an amazing supply chain of local small businesses and organizations. This fact brings us an insane amount of pride and joy – so it breaks our heart that we can’t operate fully to help all of you who need things printed for your products to sell, for your fundraising, or for your business to get you through this tough time. Print is not dead, but right now it’s slow and has been very challenging to manage, so we need to pause for the safety of everyone. 


If you’ve worked with any one of us before; Greg, Cat, Bridget, Jodi, Matt, Maggie, you know we are a very small team of people and we give everything as much individual attention as we can. We have been fiercely working on what we can from home, communicating with you all through the wonky operations, and only going in to print when it’s safe and taking all precautions. It hasn’t been perfect, but it’s helped us wrap a lot of things up and you all have been so wonderful and understanding!

With normal operations, The Done Dept. has 5 team members who are able to manage custom print production. Three of us are completely unable to work because of family hardships – something a lot of people are experiencing right now. Without our full team, it just doesn’t work, and truthfully we should be staying home.


Obviously many things are changing quickly and daily, so please come back to check this page. The plan for now is we’ll take a “Printing Pause” April 13 to April 24. You can still submit orders on our website for us to work on after that period.

There may be some things we are unable to produce with our limited staff, but we promise to communicate that with you and make referrals when necessary.

When submitting an order, you might have a ton of questions or unknowns. That’s fine. Basically, keep print inquiries as simple as possible. We will review everything and let you know what we can and can’t do if it’s outside the scope right now.

We’ll start by saying some jobs can be complete by May 1st, at the earliest, and we will be in communication with you about your project during that time, but we will not be doing any custom printing 13th-24th.


Our “Printing Pause” does not apply to construction, architectural, and engineering printing for our Rotolite customers, many of whom are essential. Please contact Mike and he will work with you for no-contact completion of your print/scan/copy orders. Mike@thedonedept.com 314-832-3663 x 100

We have been taking the city orders seriously and our parent company, Rotolite, provides lots of supplies (ink, paper, machine servicing) to essential City and County services, so the building has remained and will remain open with limited hours (Mon-Fri 8-3) and is following all CDC social distancing protocols, and sanitizing and doing as much contactless work as possible. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to me, Cat, who receives all quote requests directly. cat@thedonedept.com. Rest assured that we are checking emails and we will remain in touch with you as best we can. Communication is important to us, and we hope you all understand that operations will be different from here on out. What is it they’re saying? – oh, what was it, right…

“We’re all in this together.” 

Stay home, Stay safe, with love and gratitude,

– The Done Dept. Dorks, 

Cat, Greg, Bridget, Matt, Jodi, Maggie, Mike and Robbie too