24 Hour Birthday Boy.

We’re celebrating two birthday’s today at Ye Ol’ Done Dept. My youngest brother Mike is celebrating 23 years on planet Earth today! And planet Earth is celebrating… umm…

Mike Haupt is 23!

Mike is The Done Dept’s Arch/Eng/Mech print specialist. For all you architects and engineers out there that send your jobs to us, Mike is the one that gets them back to you within 24 hours. Thank him. And yes, he bleeds blue. Happy Birthday, Mike!

If you’re an architect, engineer, or contractor, unless your print jobs are GINORMOUS, you should normally be getting them back in 24 hours. If you’re not, try sending your next job over to us. Your print company will love that! You can send your prints and instructions directly to mike@thedonedept.com.


Print Enlargements onto Custom Paper.

Thomson Portraits

Laura Thomson of Thomson Portraits brought in these 8.5×11 images to have them blown up onto a special cut sheet stock that she also brought in. What she has done in the past, is project the image onto a wall, and trace over the image onto the paper that she has taped to the wall. Us being able to do everything digitally not only saves her a tremendous amount of time and frustration, but also makes sure that every detail is carried over exactly as it should be from the smaller document.

I am anxious to see how this turns out for Laura, and she said she will bring in the finished product for me to take a picture of and post to the blog. I think she said that she uses pastels over the printed image, which completely covers up the print, but allows her to be exact when doing portraits of landscapes or faces. I think it’s brilliant! I sure wouldn’t want someone to draw a portrait of my face and accidentally make my nose bigger than it already is. You know?

Most Expensive Scan EVER!!!!!.

Today I set my personal record for ‘most expensive document scanned’. Not that I really keep track of that kind of stuff : ) But this was definitely a job to remember.

Aldo Luongo Paintings

They belonged to the owner of the famous Caleco’s restaurants here in St. Louis. They were original paintings by a famous painter named Aldo Luongo of the Kennedy brothers, and of some girl with a bicycle. The girl with the bicycle painting was AMAZING looking. I mean, local artists are always bringing in their prints and canvases to have PDF’s made of them, and their art always impresses me… but this girl with a bicycle painting was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen in person. The way that this Aldo guy made all different colored messy paint strokes come together to make such a beautiful image amazed me.

I scanned these paintings so that he could reproduce them and put them up in his restaurants. That way he doesn’t have to worry about someone throwing a beer bottle at them while they hang on the wall.

If you have any pictures, or paintings/canvases that you would like to have ‘digitized’ (a digital copy of) BRING IT IN!!! It really doesn’t matter what size it is, or if it’s in a frame, or on a canvas. I can digitize it.

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