Custom Posters.

A woman walked in to The Done Dept. the other day with a big picture book full of photos from Africa. She sat it down on one of our tables, opened it up to a large four page spread and asked, “Can you make this into a poster?” I said, “Sure, hunny.” Then I created her poster.

custom poster

If you have a good idea for a poster, whether it be for framing and hanging up in your own house, or for a friend’s birthday gift… hit us up.

St. Louis Hills Member Card Redesign.

The St. Louis Hills neighborhood has got to be one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of St. Louis City and County. I do not live in St. Louis Hills, but man would I be proud if I did. So when the SLHNA came to me to print their annual membership card, I took the opportunity to capture the beauty of their neighborhood, and fit it all onto the front of a 4.25 x 5.5 card. : )

New vs Old

I was able to get most of the photos off of the very cool, and the photos that I wanted but couldn’t find, I just took myself.

Make Your Passwords Un-Hackable.

I was listening to the radio today, and I heard a fact that I found very interesting, and I find it to be something that everyone should know. Cigarettes are bad for you. Just joking. Well, yeah, they really are, but what I really heard, is that when it comes to passwords (like the ones you use to protect your email, or Facebook account) the amount of characters (letters or numbers) in them can make all the difference between it being hacked by mega-computer nerds or not. Basically, the fact is, a 4 character password can be decrypted by a hacker using special decryption software in under 2 minutes! Crazy! But a 6 character password takes 2 CENTURIES to decrypt! Which is even crazier!

4 Character Passwords are a No No

So if your password is only 4 characters long, for any email client or social application that you use, CHANGE IT. Usually most social apps (like Facebook, Myspace) or email clients (like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) won’t even let you create a password that is less than 6 characters long.

I also feel like this is a good time to talk about clicking on stuff that you shouldn’t. The most recent thing that I’ve seen, is getting a message in your inbox that says something like, “Hey, here is that picture that you wanted to see (followed by a link).” You DO NOT want to click on that link. I even almost fell for this the first time I saw it. It’s pretty clever.

I don’t mean to scare you about any of this stuff. I just think that it’s good to be aware.

If you have any questions about any of this stuff, feel free to email me.

Promote Your Business with Video.

I had the pleasure of working with one of St. Louis’ finest this past week, Captain Joseph Spiess, District One Commander of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Joe was referred to me by Phil Menendez, the face of the UstripeIt tool. Joe needed me to create an 8 to 9 minute video for his secondary business, JLS Consulting LLC, that could do the speaking for him when his only option was to leave material with a business owner or management for later review.

In one week’s time, I created their company logo, filmed the opening introduction, recorded the voiceover, and with 3 gigabytes of media given to me from the client, put together a video that, in my opinion, speaks WAY louder than words.

A professionally made video adds… well… professionalism to any website. If your company’s website could use a sprig of modern professionalism, shoot me an email!

24 Hour Birthday Boy.

We’re celebrating two birthday’s today at Ye Ol’ Done Dept. My youngest brother Mike is celebrating 23 years on planet Earth today! And planet Earth is celebrating… umm…

Mike Haupt is 23!

Mike is The Done Dept’s Arch/Eng/Mech print specialist. For all you architects and engineers out there that send your jobs to us, Mike is the one that gets them back to you within 24 hours. Thank him. And yes, he bleeds blue. Happy Birthday, Mike!

If you’re an architect, engineer, or contractor, unless your print jobs are GINORMOUS, you should normally be getting them back in 24 hours. If you’re not, try sending your next job over to us. Your print company will love that! You can send your prints and instructions directly to


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