YOU… for President. Let’s make it happen..

This political season, we got to do all the campaign materials for Ken Burns, who was running for a spot on the City Council of Webster Groves. Ken won. Coincidence? I think not.

Do you want to be a winner? Call me. 314.832.DONE.

2720 Cherokee.

My in-laws are rad. My wife’s cousin, Josh Grigaitis, opened this amazing new space called 2720. It is located on 2720 Cherokee. They host all kinds of amazing events, like Live Art Galleries, Burlesque shows, and Dueling DJ’s (everyone wears wireless headphones, and you can pick which DJ you want to listen to at any time). Sounds crazy? Yeah, it is. Crazy awesome! He’s even already voted ”  ” by the Riverfront Times. You should really go check it out sometime. They have shows almost every night. Check out their website for more information.

St. Glee…er.. I mean… Gabes.

I made this for St. Gabe’s. It was fun. : )

Walk-In Copy Center.

YES. You can just walk in and have something copied, or scanned, or faxed. You don’t have to have an appointment, or a big wallet. Heck, you can even email me something, and I can print it and have it ready for you when you walk in. Email me.

Custom Posters.

A woman walked in to The Done Dept. the other day with a big picture book full of photos from Africa. She sat it down on one of our tables, opened it up to a large four page spread and asked, “Can you make this into a poster?” I said, “Sure, hunny.” Then I created her poster.

custom poster

If you have a good idea for a poster, whether it be for framing and hanging up in your own house, or for a friend’s birthday gift… hit us up.

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