SOHA – Studio and Gallery.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – – my in-laws are rad. My wife’s aunt, Julie Malone, just opened her own studio and art gallery in South City. It’s called SOHA Studio and Gallery, and they have all kinds of hip stuff going on over there… even yoga sessions! Check out their Facebook page to stay in the know with everything they have going on there!

Wedding Season.

TheDoneDept. makes darn-good looking wedding materials. Do you want people to call you and tell you how cute your wedding invitations look when they get them in the mail? Why the heck wouldn’t you? Is your name Debby Downer? Oh.. ok. That explains it.

The End of an Era.

Our parent company, Rotolite of St. Louis (a.k.a. ‘The Mothership’), has been the leading reseller of Xerox Wide-Format in St. Louis for more than 3 decades. That all came to a end this month when Xerox announced they were discontinuing their Wide-Format division. -insert fog-horn sound here- Luckily, for more than a decade,  Rotolite has been building it’s list of vendors, to include all of the wide-format industries heavy-weights, HP, Cannon, Ricoh, Oce, and the latest and greatest, Seiko.

If you’re an architect, engineer, contractor, or if you’re just super rich and are thinking about purchasing your own machine to run large prints, give Rotolite a call. We have the best service team in town.

Send Your Friends Off in Style.

We made this for someone who had a friend who was moving to Colorado. Apparently they hung it up at the bar, and everyone wrote little messages on it. Fun!

Business Card Design and Print.

Sometimes it seems like all I do is make (kick-a$$) business cards.

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