The “New” Pat Connolly Tavern.

When I heard my friend Joe was taking back his family’s business, I was super excited. When I bit into his new Buffalo chicken sandwich, I was in heaven. I was even more stoked that he let me do some of his printing for him. Everyone do yourselves a favor and grab a bite to eat at The Pat Connolly Tavern in Dogtown (across from Turtle Park). I’ve had the onion rings (double battered!), green beans, sweet potato fries, and, of course, the Buffalo chicken sandwich with garlic mayo. It was all divine. The chicken on the sandwich was the most moist chicken on that type of sandwich that I’ve ever had. If you see Joe when you go there, tell him Greg from The Done Dept. sent ya’.


Everyone Likes Prettier Windows.

It seems like we’ve been doing a whole heck of a lot of window vinyl lately. Big signs, small signs, neat signs. People are figuring out that looking nice is the first step to attracting new business.

Do you need any signage updated on your windows? Maybe you need a whole new look! Call us for a quote!







A Night with Treehouse Networking.

Last night we went to our very first Treehouse Networking event! And, WOW it was ah-MAY-zing! We knew when we met Wesley Hoffman of Treehouse, that he was up to great things. We are so happy we were able to participate in #OpenTreeHouse at the Boo Cat Club! We ended up making a bunch of coasters from our unique Sandwich Stock paper to give away and allowed our booth visitors to round the corners of the coasters themselves. They really loved it! Cat and Christa showed off a whole bunch of print samples, and Greg even got interviewed by the Treehouse guys about The Done Dept. It was quite a success in such a beautiful space! Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Our Booth at the Treehouse Event

Custom Coasters

Congrats to The Done Dept.’s Gold Medal Hurling Team.

Every once in a while we sponsor stuff, and only once we’ve sponsored a sporting team. This happens to be a team in an up and coming Irish sports club, the STLGAC (Gaelic Athletic Club), for the sport of gaelic football.

If you’re like we originally were, and have no idea what the heck gaelic football is, you can see a video of it being played HERE. It’s like basketball, soccer, and volleyball together.

Anyway, believe it or not, the team we ended up sponsoring actually won the gold! That makes us one for one! All the teams we have sponsored are champions.

Here is a team picture of The Done Dept. gaelic football champs of 2014.

Up The Done! (‘Up’ is a popular way to celebrate sports in Ireland!)


Introducing — Sandwich Stock.

Business cards so thick, you could take a bite out of them!

That’s why we call it “Sandwich Stock!” We also call it that because it’s multiple sheets of paper that get layered and sealed together, kind of like a super precisely aligned sandwich.

We’ve printed many business cards and even some drink coasters using this paper. We offer white, black and red inserts, so you can make your project, 2, 3 or 4 layers thick! Give us a call today if you’re itchin’ for something different to promote yourself and your business. Our customers love it!





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