Yes, we PRESS!.

Letterpress Samples

Yes, did you know that now we can letterpress? It’s not been a secret, but we acquired a letterpress in late 2016 from the awesome Brad of Maginating! Cat had printmaking experience, but needed some time to learn how to run the letterpress, which Brad oh so patiently and expertly instructed her on. We’ve printed over a dozen letterpress orders and would love to do more! If you’re looking to have a special touch added to your wedding invitation order or your company’s business card identity, let us know. Fill out our new quote request form or talk to Cat!

Pro Tips for Requesting a Quote AKA: WAQSCBPFD!.


Hey Guys!

Cat here. Need a quote? Happy to help! If you’re new to The Done Dept. (or not-so-new, why, hello again!), here is a checklist that will help us expedite your print quote so we can get your order DONE!


Let’s start here. What are you printing? Business cards? Flyers? A Booklet? Posters? A photo of your grandma made to look like the Queen of England? Not sure? That’s ok too. Let’s talk about it.

Will you be providing a high-quality, print-ready file for us to print from? Or do you need our hourly design services?

How many do you need? We are happy to quote a few different quantities.

We’ll need to know the size of your item. For instance if it’s a flyer, is it 4×6? Is it an 11 x 17 show poster? Is it an 8.5 x 11 booklet?

We have 5 combos of color options for most things.  Here’s a trick: Full color = 4, Black only = 1.  No print = 0. So, a single sided color business card would be 4/0. Shazam!

Does your print order have a bleed? This is pretty common. If your images and background colors on your print order go to the edge of your piece, that is considered a bleed and we’ll need the files to be set up properly. For instance, 3.5 x 2 business cards need at least an 1/8″ bleed all around to make them 3.75″ x 2.25″. Keep all important text at least 1/4″ away from the edge of your design, too!

What kind of paper are you looking for? Glossy? Matte? Shimmer? Regular Paper or Cardstock? Sometimes we can make a recommendation if we see your artwork or if you have a sample. Options for paper don’t stop there, but these are most popular.

Most jobs include typical cutting to size, but what if you need scoring or corner rounding or binding? We can do lots of finishing options, so let us know the details, for sure.

Timeline is always important for us to know, so we can be sure to schedule your project accordingly and be up front about when we can complete your order. We try to be as speedy as possible of course!

Once we get WAQSCBPFD all together, we’re in business! We love our customers and we get new ones every day thanks to you all spreading the word about The Done Dept. and our printing magic! Thank you ever, ever so much.

Happy Printing!



Custom Flags, Because Custom Is Cooler.

Someone came in with two photos of their friend and wanted us to make “a banner or something” for their friend’s bachelor party. It was going to be in New Orleans, and they were going to have a surprise parade for the groom to be. Apparently this is a thing. You can just have a parade for any reason you want there. We suggested a flag would be a cool thing. They requested we make it “as awesome as possible”. This was the result.


Bootleggin BBQ is Officially Above Average.

Congrats to Brent and the success of his new joint, Bootleggin’ BBQ! You can read a write up that Sauce Magazine did on them HERE!

We got to do Bootleggin’ BBQ’s window signage and stickers after meeting Brent at a Treehouse Networking event. Good stuff!

Bootleggin Window Signage

Bootleggin Stickers

The “New” Pat Connolly Tavern.

When I heard my friend Joe was taking back his family’s business, I was super excited. When I bit into his new Buffalo chicken sandwich, I was in heaven. I was even more stoked that he let me do some of his printing for him. Everyone do yourselves a favor and grab a bite to eat at The Pat Connolly Tavern in Dogtown (across from Turtle Park). I’ve had the onion rings (double battered!), green beans, sweet potato fries, and, of course, the Buffalo chicken sandwich with garlic mayo. It was all divine. The chicken on the sandwich was the most moist chicken on that type of sandwich that I’ve ever had. If you see Joe when you go there, tell him Greg from The Done Dept. sent ya’.


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